We thank our happy patients for the kind words they take the time to write us.

Testimonial from SB

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter on behalf of Paulla Weddle, whom I had the pleasure of meeting following surgery earlier this year. Although I had originally planned to care for myself, it was strongly recommended that I have someone, at least for the first couple of days, to assist with the ice packs, medication, etc. and as a safeguard “just in case”. As I am a very independent person, I really thought that I could handle things on my own. I hate to admit it, but I am so glad that I had arranged with Paulla to help me out. It would have been nearly impossible for me to have done everything by myself. She was waiting for me after surgery, drove me to a nearby Hotel and took me to my follow-up visit the next day. Hourly, throughout the entire night, she applied iced wash cloths to control swelling, made sure I kept hydrated and medicated. She escorted me to the restroom and on one trip, I was not real steady and almost passed out – I would hate to think what might have happened if I had and she hadn’t been there. I had no idea how vulnerable I was & it was pretty scary. In addition to being very independent, I am also a very private person. Paulla somehow managed to completely respect my privacy, make me feel safe without being intrusive, knew exactly what to do & when to do it. The amazing thing is that I looked pretty ghastly, yet she was not the least bit taken aback and was as nurturing as anyone could possibly be (keep in mind, we had never met before this). I know this will sound corny, but in my mind, Paulla is quite literally an Angel and I would gladly recommend her to anyone considering assistance after surgery.

Sincerely, SB

P.S. Paulla did not tell me until after the fact, but agreed to care for me in the middle of her Birthday getaway in Palm Springs – she drove all the way to Coronado and back to Palm Springs! How many people do you know that would do that, let alone a total stranger!

Testimonial from LR

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of commendation to convey my complete satisfaction with Paulla Weddle, the caretaker who looked after me during my recent surgery. After scheduling my surgery date, I began the process of telephone interviews in hopes of finding an experienced caretaker to help me through my post-op recovery. As soon as I began talking to Paulla, my search ended. I intuitively knew I had found the right person. Ms. Weddle emitted warmth through her voice. I could sense her nurturing, her compassion and her genuine commitment to her role as caretaker. She even extended an offer to meet me in person prior to surgery if this would help me in the decision process. I declined her kind invitation, as I didn’t feel it necessary, though I truly respect and appreciate the extra ‘unpaid’ time she was willing to spend with me. The communication by phone was enough to squelch any anxieties I might have had in entrusting my care to someone I didn’t even know. Paulla was ‘genuine’ and I knew I had found the right person. In addition, her fees were very fair and competitive with other caretakers I had phoned. Paulla was punctual with her transportations duties. She picked me up after my surgery, and also took me to and from the doctor’s office for my next day post-op appointment. Her demeanor was always uplifting, and I never saw her without a smile. I truly believe that this kind of ‘positive’ spirit is imperative for the healing process. She oversaw my taking of medication and prepared light meals as needed. She changed my ice packs consistently during the day and throughout the night, to keep the swelling in check. She was conscientious in keeping me well hydrated. It was such a comfort just to know that Paulla was in the next room ready to help me in any way necessary. I would highly recommend the caretaking services provided by Paulla Weddle. I truly believe that having a feeling of peace and giving my trust over to Paulla is the reason why my recovery went so beautifully! And speaking of ‘beautiful’, Paulla is a beautiful lady both inside and out! I am so very thankful that I had Paulla Weddle’s hand to hold on to.

Sincerely, LR

Testimonial from JH

Having plastic surgery for any person is somewhat of a daring, yet scary, yet promising event. It is a huge, personal decision about important spiritual, emotional and physical parts of one’s life. Sometimes, as it happens, family members are so emotionally attached, that it becomes difficult to have them involved in the “intricacies” of the procedure. This is where PAULLA WEDDLE comes in.!!!! Paulla is a “special” kind of human being to help one “over the hump” of getting all of these issues in carefully prepared order. She was with me from beginning to end. The comfort of knowing that an experienced, compassionate, person would be there was so reassuring. I would have her with me “in a minute” if I ever chose to do something like this again. It took a LOT of worry off my family also, to know that I was in such good care.

Thank you, Paulla


Testimonial from Marilyn

Dear Paulla, I want you and Rita both to know how great it was to have her here taking care of me. She knew just what to do and when. Rita was patient and kind and thorough, reading through my post-op notes and highlighting important information for me for after she left. She also labeled all my meds on top, which made it helpful to my husband. I felt like I had a guardian angel with me, as I came home from surgery. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in need. Thank you so much! Marilyn

Testimonial from P, San Diego

Hi Paulla, Rita was very punctual and nice. She cared for me like a mother would and I highly recommend her. She even wrote down which pills to take after she left so I would not be confused. Thanks again for having a service like this, as some of us do not have dear ones to care for us when we need them. I’ll pass on your name and it was nice doing business with you both. Cheers, P

Testimonial from Meredith

Dear Paulla, I wanted to take a moment to write a letter on behalf of Susie Singleton, who cared for me after my surgery. Susie was amazingly helpful, and she put me at ease when I was nervous during my recovery. She followed my surgeon’s orders and set up a schedule that was the best for my recovery. Additionally, when I was emotionally low during my recovery, she was there to chat with me and take my mind off of my current situation In sum, I truly feel that I would not have recovered as quickly if Susie had not been there by my side. I was very sad to see her leave, and if I ever need surgery again in the future, I would never consider having it without Reliable Recovery and Susie there to assist me. Sincerely yours, Meredith

Testimonial from Jean

Hi Paulla, I just wanted to write a glowing letter of recommendation for Susie. My surgery was last Tuesday and Susie was with me for 4 days. Her loving, compassionate and complete devotion to me made my recovery much less stressful. I was very nervous about my surgery and Susie knew all the little tricks of making me as comfortable as possible. When she did leave the room late at night if I made the slightest groan she was there. I was so fortunate to hear about Reliable Recovery before my surgery. I hope to be able to bless someone in need of a private nurse the way I was. I will tell all my friends what a wonderful experience I had. I really don’t know how one could get through a tough surgery without a nurse. My husband is a great caregiver, however I felt much more at ease knowing we had a trained professional who would recognize a potential problem. I saw the doctor this morning and all is going very well. I told him and the girls how great my experience was with Susie and Reliable Recovery! I would be happy to speak to any potential client and answer any questions or concerns regarding your services. Regards, Jean

Testimonial from Portia

Hi Paulla,

Fariel was wonderful!  I was very pleased with her personal service, and her as a person.  I would recommend her to anyone.  Here is a list of attributes that I appreciated:

  • Knew the drill perfectly – where to be, what happens next. I did not have to prompt her, instruct her on anything. This was the most valuable.  This gave me piece of mind that I didn’t have to think about what to do next.
  • This included taking me over to see the doctor the next morning for my post op
  • Managed my Rx and supplements perfectly – knew exactly what to do.  Took control of this without me having to prompt her whatsoever
  • Had the hotel room ready, the pillows propped up on the bed
  • When I order room service, helped me select foods I would be able to eat, then set me up in bed to be able to eat under my limited condition
  • Assisted me when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, made sure I was safe on my feet
  • Was quiet and unobtrusive so I could rest and sleep
  • Very sweet and kind
  • Followed up with texts every day to see how I was doing

Thank you all for this great service!  Feel free to use my name.

Kindest Regards, Portia

Testimonial from NS

Dear Paulla,

I wanted to take some time to write a letter of recommendation regarding Fariel lowery, who was my caretaker after a recent major surgery. I can’t express in words how amazing Fariel was during the entire recovery process. She actually sent me notes prior to surgery putting my mind at ease, and soothing my anxiety about my upcoming surgery. When she picked me up after surgery, everything she did-her demeanor, her soothing voice, the way she handled remade me know I was in the best possible hands, and everything was going to be ok. She was also in constant contact with my husband, and soothed his anxiety and nerves about how I was doing.

For two days and two nights, I wanted for nothing ….. Fariel was there not only to give me my meds, but also to feed me, rub my legs, cool me down with cold compresses, and also engage me in conversation to take my mind off of being uncomfortable. She is not only a total professional ….. more importantly, she is compassionate, loving, kind, and truly loves those she is caring for. I am 100% convinced that the ease and speed of my recovery is totally attributed to the care I received from Fariel; in fact, I intend to keep in touch with her because we had such a great connection.

I can’t recommend Reliable Recovery enough, and know I couldn’t have done it on my own, without a doubt. I would be happy to share my experience with anyone who might be considering using Reliable Recovery post surgery ….. lt is the best possible way to ensure a speedy and safe recovery.

Warmest Regards, NS

Testimonial From Teresa

Please take this letter as an A++ recommendation for Randi!! She was excellent!! She cared for me as if she were caring for her own family member. I loved that she was always there when I needed her, yet didn’t hover over me. She was also very discreet with the rest of the family, and didn’t intrude on them. She always went the extra mile, as far as making sure I had what I needed, and also explaining the purpose of various medications and procedures. I never felt like anything was forced on me, and that my input was always important. Thank you Randi!! Teresa

Testimonial From JC

Hi Paulla, I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to let you know that Randi Sharman was an excellent caregiver!  It was such a relief to have her with me for three days.  I originally booked two nights but added Randi for an extra night because my husband was out of town and I was still a bit tentative about taking care of myself.  In addition, Randi was way more helpful than my husband would have been J.  She was also great company which was nice to have during my recovery.  We really hit it off and I was very comfortable with her. I have never had a caregiver in my home before so I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it.  Randi fit in perfectly and was extremely helpful.  Randi was very discrete and allowed me to rest and very diligently checked on me in the middle of the night and managed my meds.  She fed me like a baby when I first came home from the surgery to ensure that I would have enough food in my stomach before taking pain meds. By the end of the three days, I considered Randi my good friend. I am so glad that you could book Randi on such short notice.  When my surgery was moved up a week, you were given less than a day’s notice to find someone.  It think it was meant to be that you sent Randi. By the way, I had never tried Club crackers before this surgery.  They were a great recommendation.  My entire family enjoyed them. Thank you for the first class service. Sincerely, JC

Testimonial From Theresa

Reliable Recovery, Paula Weddle & Kerry Brewer, I want to thank you very much for all that you have done for me!  I will NEVER forget it.  The true kindness, concern, compassion and highest quality of care you have bestowed upon me is by far the greatest and most humbling experience I have had thus far.  Kerry went over and beyond all means to make me feel comfortable and cherished at the same time.  We had many great laughs and she tended to me with so much care and compassion that I felt like she was like a sister to me.  You have exceeded great expectations.  The quality of care you have found in Kerry as an employee is a very valuable one.  You have an incredible asset in Kerry.  She was quick to respond to any needs I had and was there to helping and aiding me.  She was very professional and had everything organized so I was very comfortable.  Kerry is a true rare gem!! Theresa

Testimonial from Kathy

Dear Paulla and Reliable Recovery, I want to thank you for sending Melissa to care for me after my surgery. It is very difficult to put yourself in the hands of a stranger, but from the moment we first spoke on the phone, Melissa had my complete confidence. Her care was impeccable and kind, and I would recommend her to anyone considering help after surgery. Sincerely, Kathy

Testimonial from Marge

To Whom it May Concern, I would like to recommend Melissa to anyone looking for help after surgery, or any kind of care, for that matter. Melissa made sure that all of the doctor’s instructions were followed to the “T”. She was very professional, and I knew I was in good hands. I feel that my recovery progressed very well and quickly due to Melissa’s help for the first few days. Thank you, Marge

Testimonial From Elizabeth

To whom it may concern: I am writing you this letter to let you know how pleased I am with Susanne, the nurse who took care of me when I had surgery. I originally spoke with Paulla Weddle who is the Executive Director of Reliable Recovery, Inc. After talking with Paulla, I immediately had a lot of my anxiety level drop. I was extremely anxious about my surgery and not knowing was the hardest part for me. She put my fears to a minimum. She had a very calming voice when I talked to her on the phone. She called me the day before surgery to inform me that Susan would be taking care of me through my recovery. The moment I came out of surgery, Susanne was by my side comforting me and reassuring me that everything was going to be okay. The one thing I do remember about Susanne was she told me I looked beautiful even though I looked and felt like I had been hit by a truck. She was very positive and upbeat, which is exactly what I needed in order to get through this ordeal. Susanne was very compassionate, kind, loving and I can go on and on. She was by my side the full 48 hours and came to my every need. My 9 year old sone was very sad when she had to leave. He still talks about how nice she was to him. I would highly recommend Susanne to anyone who is considering having Reliable Recovery look after them. ~ Elizabeth

Testimonial From Valerie

Hi Paulla, Susanne did an excellent job! I did not have a worry in the world while she was here! I would use your service again and recommend you to friends. Thank you and Susan for your special care. Valerie

Testimonial From MJ

To Whom IT May Concern: I am writing this letter in regards to the services of Paulla Weddle. Her business, Reliable Recovery Inc., provides overnight nursing care for patients like myself traveling to undergo cosmetic procedures. Susanne was my caregiver, and when I woke from surgery, I will never forget hearing her kind voice. She was such an amazingly sweet natured person to have watch over me when I so needed a pair of caring hands. She took me to a local Whole Foods to get the appropriate food/drink I needed while recovering in my hotel room and once we got back to my hotel, she cared for me like I was one of her own. I absolutely without a doubt could never have gone through this procedure without her. I thank Paulla and Susanne from the bottom of my heart for their caring spirits through this whole process. For anyone considering traveling to undergo any sort of cosmetic procedure, I would highly recommend the caregivers of reliable Recovery! They are an invaluable part of the whole process. I would be happy to talk with anyone over the phone that might want a reference in person. If there were a Fodor’s for these services, these folks would definitely earn five plus stars! Regards, MJ

Testimonial From Marilee

To Whom It May Concern: I came to San Diego from out of town for a Breast Augmentation. Needless to say, traveling alone to undergo any type of cosmetic surgery, especially more invasive surgeries can be a daunting process. But this was not the case under the care of the caregivers from Reliable Recovery. They were always there to answer my questions and calm and console any nerves I had prior to my travels. From the time I arrived in San Diego prior to surgery throughout my entire stay, they conducted themselves in a manner that was nothing less than perfect. Susanne was my nurse and when I woke from surgery, I will never forget hearing her kind voice. She was such an amazingly sweet natured person to have watch over me when I so needed a pair of caring hands. She took me to a local Whole Foods to get the appropriate food/drink I needed while recovering in my hotel room and once we got back to my hotel, she cared for me like I was one of her own. I absolutely without a doubt could never have gone through this procedure without her. I thank Paulla and Susanne from the bottom of my heart for their caring spirits through this whole process. For anyone considering traveling to undergo any sort of cosmetic procedure, I would highly recommend the caregivers of Reliable Recovery! They are an invaluable part of the whole process. I would be happy to talk with anyone over the phone that might want a reference in person. If there were a Fodor’s for these services, these folks would most definitely earn five plus stars! Regards, Marilee

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