Nuturing post surgery care. Reliable Recovery has been caring for patients in the San Diego area for more than 12 years, and we belong to the Better Business Bureau.  Perhaps you have visited our web site and seen the list of surgeons we care for, and the letters of recommendation written by surgeons as well as patients.

There are five of us in the group, all experienced and mature, with medical certification and extensive medical backgrounds. We specialize in Cosmetic Surgery Recovery. The Associate assigned to you will stay in touch with the surgery center the day of your surgery, and she will meet you in the Recovery Room. You will see her bright smiling face reassuring you that all is well.

Your caregiver will take you to a nearby hotel or your home, and care for you the rest of the day and night. Then she will drive you back to a morning post op if you have one, making sure all of your questions are answered. She will return you to your home or hotel if you do not have someone to do so, and make sure you or your loved ones understand the whole process, the care, the medications, etc.

All you have to do is lie back and let her take care of you. With our years of experience and knowledge, you will be able to relax and feel secure, knowing you are in good hands. And your loved ones or friends will have that reassurance and feeling of security as well, so they need not worry about you. We will be glad to keep in touch with them if that is what you desire. Or maintain your privacy diligently if that is your wish.

We are able to continue this care for as many days as you wish.

Once you have made the decision to use the service of Reliable Recovery, Inc., I will speak with you at length on the phone, explaining how everything works, offering suggestions, making sure all of your questions are answered, and getting some information I will need as well. I will request a deposit in advance, and have you sign a Waiver and Client Agreement. I will also send you a suggested list of things to have on hand after surgery, as I’ve become quite experienced in patients’ needs over the years.

We will make your recovery as painless and comfortable as possible, as we know exactly what will help you to recover the best, and the lack of worry and ability to relax will help insure the speediest recovery possible!

Running Errands

Running errands like picking up your medication from the pharmacy and anything you need while you are recovering quietly.

Medication Reminders

Reminders to take your scheduled medications is critical to a quick and full recovery.

Meal Preparation

We’ll prepare meals for you and help with grocery shopping and provisions.

Follow-up Appointments

Drive you back to the office for next day post-op visit and back to the location you request. We stay with you for as many nights as you feel necessary.

Post-op Pick Up

Pick you up from surgery and drive you to your choice of recovery location.

Around the Clock Care

Care for your needs around the clock starting immediately after surgery with ice packs, food, liquids, etc.

Assistance Dressing

Assistance with dressing and undressing so you can relax and move as little as possible.

Want one-on-one Tender Loving Care after surgery?